Tuesdays Tea Time Discussions

Struggle to be the Sun Again

Our next discussion is On Tuesday, Sept 1st at 10am via our Zoom Room.

In 1991, Dr. Chung Hyun Kyung from Korea gave a bold presentation as a keynote address for the World Council of Churches in Canberra, Australia. She invited indigenous communities to invoke Spirit in their own ways and help make the space sacred. Dr. Chung was expressing the truth that for many Asian women practicing and interpreting Christianity grows from their lives in spiritually pluralistic cultures. She asserted that there is space to grow in understanding Christianity as a beautiful path among other beautiful paths, and that Asian women have important voices that need to be heard for understanding who and what Christ, God and Spirit can be and mean.

Dr. Chung writes in a compelling way and may surprise you with the freshness of her perspectives, even 30 years after this book was first published. The themes and experiences she shares, sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, may illuminate some of our own context of living in multicultural Hawaii and seeking to practice Christ-like spirituality in post-colonial, non-fundamentalist or patriarchal ways.  

We’ll discuss the book for the next three Tuesdays, and encourage you to read a third of the book for each session.  

Here is a link to a recent 10-minute interview with Dr. Chung that you may find helpful as you prepare to read this book:  

Here is a link where you may purchase and download a copy:

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