An Update from the Board of Directors

It is with sadness and love that we have accepted the resignation of Kai R. as Vice-Moderator and Secretary of our Board of Directors. Kai has been an incredible blessing to Open Arms in many, many ways and she and Charles remain well-loved by all of us. They are looking at some fresh directions in their lives, and we pray that their next chapter will be beautiful and draw them even closer to our God, Christ and Spirit that they so clearly love and share with others.

The Board met in executive session with Kai this week to discuss ideas for going forward. River Stratton will move from being our Treasurer to being our Vice-Moderator, and Darlene Furness will become our Board Secretary. River will continue to manage our deposits, expenses and receipts as we look at creative ways to possibly outsource our bookkeeping once we get our 2020 reports up to date. We will keep the congregation informed as well go forward, and if you have suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

We will have one open Board position and will meet again soon to consider an appointment or to keep the position open until our next annual congregational business meeting in January 2021. If you are interested in helping by serving for the next six months, please contact Rev. Pressley or one of the Board members. 

I ask you to please keep the Board of Directors in your prayers during this time of transition, and to please surround Kai and Charles with love and prayers as well. 

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