A Message Regarding Hurricane Douglas

Reverend Pressley Sutherland

As we watch weather reports tracking Hurricane Douglas, it is good to remind ourselves that we are a resilient people.  From practically the time I arrived on the Big Island in January 2018 to now, I have seen this church community respond to a missile threat, natural disasters, an epidemic and personal losses and challenges with fortitude and a genuine love for one another, the ‘aina, and our greater community. This is the very definition of faith: a belief that Love will guide, strengthen and hold us whatever we may face together. 

Hopefully, Hurricane Douglas will decide to relax as predicted, and maybe even head up north to cooler waters to end its life cycle. But it is always good to be prepared. Please do your best to have supplies on hand in case access to medical care, stores, electricity and water is limited for a few days. Also, be sure to look around your yard and even in your home and put away anything that might become a hazard in heavy winds. If you are in a tsunami evacuation zone and it looks like the storm is going to make landfall, please consider going to stay with friends at higher elevation or going to an emergency evacuation shelter, if opened, well before the storm arrives. These centers are located at several of our local schools. Fill up your vehicles with gasoline, but do not attempt to drive in hurricane force winds, you are safer hunkering down inside, away from windows.  In the aftermath of the storm, be sure that you check in on friends and neighbors

If you need help with preparations or in the aftermath of a possible storm, please do not hesitate to text or call me at 808-491-9990 or message me through the internet, and I’ll do my best to make sure that you receive assistance or have a place to talk and pray when needed. I’ll be monitoring messages throughout.

If weather is too severe on Sunday morning, we may be unable to broadcast our Sunday service. In the event that this happens, please take a few minutes at 10am to think of everyone and hold them in a circle of prayer in God’s love and presence, knowing you are being held as well.

Much love in the name of Christ and All that is Wise and Good to each of you.
All will be well.

Rev. Pressley

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